Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nothing to celebrate

I do not hold. I do not like people are murdered. And Bin Laden would be a murderer but also-however wrong that was, one person. And do not approve of the crime is committed by a gunman and, not an army that takes orders from a president-elect. And all seems to stem from the most basic democratic sense that States exercise a supposedly legitimate to kill people, terrorists or not, either in its own territory, let alone in other countries.

Besides, I doubt that this world is safer now, without the murderer who led Al Qaeda. With its macabre and mysterious disappearance the Saudi terrorist and is also a martyr. And as a martyr, hopefully it will generate err in my argument, too many new martyrs ready to avenge his death, his name, or Allah is not clear whether justice has triumphed, as announced by Obama, or if it has revenge.

A whole decade has been tirelessly pursuing the United States its enemy number one. His bloody and continued attacks "by the tragedy of New York's Twin Towers as the prime example-and the reaction of successive U.S. administrations eventually cause as much as two wars and tens of thousands dead.

Terrorist acts and the American response of barbarism and cruelty watered many corners of the globe. It hurts to think so, that our American allies have handled this concept, but the way in which finally the elite troops have killed Bin Laden seems to attest that, within the operational, included a modern implementation of the "Wanted: Dead or Alive "from the time of the cowboys.

The head of this lineup of 'Wanted, dead or alive' worth 50 million dollars. And the U.S. wanted that head, so that looks bored, at that price, or anyone else. It is possible that, somehow, the country needed to restore the honor won in 2001 in what is now Ground Zero shooting at the temple of the terrorist.

It seems as if the executioner was required to kill so many people to recover a fortress, with free terrorist in Pakistan, thought impossible to regain. Perhaps that explains also the joy of many Americans to know the fate of the terrorist salt: some may live it as a recovery of their dignity.

To some extent, the Americans with ensuring Democratic president and reelection, have achieved a decade later to balance the fight against international terrorism, although the death of Bin Laden at all to compensate for not one of those who died or the 11-S or any of the other attacks by the terror network.

But it is true that possibly have defeated many celebrate this weekend to this invisible enemy so hard to fight. I'm glad the bloodiest terrorist in the recent history is dead, would not be able to design more 11-nothing, but I can not to cheer for a country I admire, especially for its key achievements for the advancement of humanity, by killing him.

Osama is only the more blood that bathes the ocean, sadly, end up asking for more. And then more. More jihad, and more deaths. For this reason and because it is not okay to kill people, I do not hold.

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