Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beatus Joannes Paulus II

The coffin containing the remains of John Paul II was taken from the Altar of the Confession of St. Peter's Basilica at the chapel of San Sebastian Vatican temple, once the celebrations for the beatification of the Polish pope. According to Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, around 19.15 local time (17.30 GMT) on John Paul II's coffin was carried in procession from the altar of confession, where he was placed at 13.00 local time (11.00 GMT) , to the Chapel of San Sebastian, where the burial took place.

He explained that it has placed a headstone with a simple Latin inscription: 'Beatus Joannes Paulus II "and said that on Tuesday the faithful entering the basilica of San Pedro may venerate John Paul II in the chapel of San Sebastián. The chapel, situated among which hosts the 'Pieta' by Michelangelo, and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel has been restored, with new lighting and sound and allow a greater influx of the faithful in the future.

The remains of John Paul II had rested from the April 8, 2005, date of funeral, and until last April 29 in the Vatican Grottoes, which was tomb of Blessed Pope John XXIII, just meters from the tomb of St. Pedro. On Friday, the coffin containing the remains of John Paul II was taken from the tomb in the Vatican Grottoes occupied and placed on a bier covered with a white cloth in front of the monumental tomb of St.

Peter. The coffin remained there until the morning of May 1, when he was transferred to the Altar of the Confession of St. Peter, so that the faithful may venerate after being beatified by Pope Benedict XVI told more than a million and a half people.

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