Wednesday, May 4, 2011

INDIA - The disputed method of activist Anna Hazare corruption

Anna Hazare, the Gandhian activist on hunger strike since April 5, broke his fast policy Saturday, April 9, to the great relief of his thousands of supporters. The New Delhi government has accepted the two main demands of this man of 73 years: the development of a strict anti-corruption law and the creation of a committee made up half of members of civil society, responsible for drafting the text will be tabled in Parliament before June 30 A bill against corruption had already been developed in 1966 and it has been over forty years as successive governments push the vote on this text.

Activists in sight and anonymous citizens were mobilized with Anna Hazare against corruption and nepotism, which had excited many commentators. But some media, such as Outlook Weekly, were outraged to see the government give to Anna Hazare, holding that it sapping it of credibility of representative democracy.

"What we saw in New Delhi is the capitulation of a government nervous after a rain of corruption scandals. He gave up before that motley crowd consisting of yogis, charities and charitable groups like the Rotary Club. New Delhi has yielded to blackmail simply because it was wielded by a man who favors the media.

The real social movements are themselves ignored by our television, "protested the political journalist Saba Naqvi on the magazine's website.

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