Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'Time' gives bin Laden the cover of 'bad'

Time magazine published in its next issue cover in a graph that displays the image of Bin Laden died crossed in red. This edition emulates the already published on May 7, 1945 with the image of Adolph Hitler. It is not the first time the magazine cover copy that historical fact, this would be the third time.

Time and crossed in 2003 when Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and in 2006 the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This historical edition, designed by illustrator Tim O'Brien, will go on sale next Thursday. The U.S. went from yesterday its special farewell to his public enemy number one.

The FBI was one of the first to say their last goodbye to delete from its list of most wanted. After the announcement, thousands of people flocked to Ground Zero, Times Square or the White House to celebrate the death of the mastermind of the attacks of September 11, a party that spent ten years waiting.

The association of the image of Osama Bin Laden to Adolf Hitler is not accidental as both U.S. and imaginary characters are equivalent. Disconcerting coincidence: Barack Obama announced the death of the planet's most wanted terrorist on the same day in 1945 reported the death of the Führer: May 1.

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