Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All Palestinian factions unite to deal

11 Palestinian factions united Tuesday in Cairo to document Palestinian national reconciliation and agreement reached by the groups Fatah and Hamas on 27 April, Palestinian officials said. In the presence of Egyptian officials, other factions signed this document, a day before the ceremony of signing the agreement to be held in Cairo.

An official of the leftist People's Party, Walid al-Awad, told reporters that the eleven factions separately initialed the agreement on reconciliation. "Today, all factions, including Fatah and Hamas have signed the agreement," said Al Awad, who noted that tomorrow will take place "the official celebration to announce the agreement." The preparation of this document back to the beginning of negotiations for reconciliation, which were interrupted in 2009 when Fatah signed the agreement prepared by Egypt and Hamas rejected it saying that arrangements had been made at the last minute without your consent.

The leaders of eleven Palestinian factions on Tuesday initialed the text came on the eve of the Egyptian capital to attend the celebration on Wednesday. These factions, both from the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including leftist parties, Islamic Jihad as well as independent figures. Cairo is also the head of the Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshal, who arrived in the Egyptian capital on Sunday, while on Tuesday awaiting the arrival of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas Mahumd.

Hamas came into contact with the various factions in Damascus and Gaza to join the agreement. It is anticipated that this Tuesday will find a Hamas delegation headed by Khaled Meshal, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas Mahumd to finalize details. The pact provides for the formation of a provisional government composed of technocrats and the holding of elections within a year.

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