Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Find the second black box flight AF447

The second black box of the Air France plane that crashed in June 2009 when he was traveling between Rio de Janeiro and Paris was found tonight "in good condition," the Office of Investigations and Analysis (BEA). The device records the information booth, which is essential to clarify the causes of the accident, was "located and identified" by investigators at 21.50 GMT this evening and was retrieved by the robotic submarine Remora 6,000, which he did get "the ship France Ile de Sein at 02.40 GMT on Tuesday, May 3, "the BEA said in a statement.

A day earlier, officials of the investigation had been located and recovered the first of the two black boxes, in particular, which deals with recording the activity of the flight instruments. The question now spends about whether researchers can retrieve data within both of these devices after they have spent nearly two years immersed in the deep sea after the accident that caused 228 deaths.

BEA director, Jean-Paul Troadec, said "foreign state (of the second black box) is good, as in the first," but the question now is to discover if they have suffered damage to the seabed, particularly if have been subject to corrosion. Troadec said in an interview with radio station 'France Info' that "if all goes well, the reading could be rapid.

In the best days, at worst a few weeks "if corrosion had occurred. The French Minister for Ecology Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, said in a statement that the discovery of the second black box will allow a" great progress in the investigation "and that" the data processing must begin as quickly as possible.

"It Kosciusko-Morizet-emphasized" that the families of the victims to know "all the circumstances of the accident", but also "The experience of this air disaster is essential to advance security and that this type of tragedy does not happen again." In the same statement, the Secretary of State for Transport, Thierry Mariani, said that "this second success" recovery of the second black box "confirms that the means used were necessary to make all the light in this drama, despite the complexity of the investigation." Ever since the accident 23 months ago, the French administration, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Air France have spent 35 million euros for the investigation, which is a record in France.

A lack of information from black boxes, the only thing researchers have determined is that the flight AF447 suffered failure probes that indicate the speed of the aircraft, caused by ice. However, the BEA noted that these conclusions could not alone explain the crash of the Airbus and appealed for prudence on them.

Still, the airline Air France proceeded to change all the probes in its fleet by more sophisticated and resistant to low temperatures.

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