Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Netanyahu insists Abbas to cancel its agreement for reconciliation with Hamas

Jerusalem. .- The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cancel the reconciliation agreement that is expected to sign Wednesday with the radical group Hamas islmista in Cairo. "I call on Abu Mazen to cancel the agreement with Hamas immediately and choose the path of peace with Israel," Netanyahu said at the end of a meeting with the head of the Middle East Quartet, Tony Blair.

"The agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a blow to the peace process. How is it possible to reach peace with a government that calls for the destruction of Israel and even laments the death of the murderer Osama bin Laden?" Israel's prime minister said a day before they officially sign the agreement.

The two largest Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, are expected to sign on Wednesday in Cairo a landmark agreement that will end four years of government separate the West Bank and Gaza. The agreement aims to form a unity government within a year when Palestinian elections could be held.

Netanyahu made his comments before leaving this Tuesday night to London and Paris to seek international support against the reconciliation of the Palestinian factions and Abbas' attempts to gain recognition of an independent state in September at the UN.

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