Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Several dead in the Afghan border with Pakistan

At least 25 suspected Taliban were killed in a joint operation conducted by Afghan troops and NATO in Nuristan province in eastern Afghanistan, an official source. The provincial governor, Badar Jamaludin said that the offensive of the security forces has been developed from Monday Olagon Area, located in the district of Bargmatal, considered the stronghold of the fundamentalists in the region.

"According to our initial report, at least 25 insurgents, among whom were foreign fighters, were killed in Bargmantal district on the border with Pakistan," the source said. The Taliban announced this weekend that will intensify its actions against foreign and Afghan forces with the start of an offensive to have given the name of "Badar" and coincides with the spring season, when traditionally always fighting rages .

These conflicts take place after yesterday the leader of the Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden died shot by U.S. special forces in Pakistan. According to analysts, this may lead to a sharp increase in insurgent attacks in both Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan.

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