Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The CIA did with bin Laden after identifying the person who conveyed his instructions

Washington (AP) .- When one of the trusted men of bin Laden picked up the phone last year, did not know who was driving the U.S. forces to the door of his boss, the world's most wanted terrorist. That phone call intercepted, according to an official said Monday the U.S.. UU., Ending a year long search for bin Laden's personal messenger.

The tracking of the messenger was U.S. intelligence. UU. a walled in northeast Pakistan, where a team of Navy SEALs killed bin Laden. The end of the world's most wanted terrorist was the culmination of years of work by U.S. intelligence. The CIA always thought that one of the vulnerabilities of Bin Laden was his network of couriers.

He was too smart for the soldiers of Al-Qaeda, or even their commanders, knew his hiding place. But if he wanted his message across, and someone had to propagate. Shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001, some terrorists were arrested in the network of secret CIA prisons revealed to other interrogators that there is a man close to bin Laden, known by the nom de guerre of Abu Ahmed al -Kuwaiti, who was a messenger.

After the CIA to capture al-Qaeda number three Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Kuwaiti al-confirmed knowledge but denied it had anything to do with them. In 2004, another member of Al Qaeda, Hassan Ghul was captured in Iraq. Ghul told the CIA that al-Kuwaiti was a key element of the terrorist organization.

In particular, said Ghul, the mail was about Faraj al-Libi, who took over as chief operating officer Mohamed Al Qaeda. This detail would be the key ultimately Messenger hunting Bin Laden. "Hassan Ghul was the key," said a U.S. official. UU. Finally, in May 2005, al-Libi was captured. Under questioning by the CIA, al-Libi admitted that when he was promoted to replace Mohammed, received word through a messenger.

But they invented a name to identify your post and denied knowing al-Kuwaiti. The CIA, however, did not believe the words of al-Libi and worked on the track he and Mohamed were protecting the mail. The negative Mohamed al-Libi and did nothing but reinforce the idea to the CIA about the importance of al-Kuwaiti in the organization of Al Qaeda.

If they could find the man known as al-Kuwaiti, find Bin Laden. And so it would become.

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