Sunday, April 3, 2011

USSR - Russia banned from radio-TV free

Literaturnaya Gazeta: Anatoly Grigorievich, how do you explain the stubborn refusal of Gosteleradio to give Russia one of its channels? ANATOLI Grigorievich Lysenko: It is absurd that Russia has still not have its own radio and their own TV. The spectators, as subscribers, must be able to choose freely.

With us, there is a monopoly of information. In Georgia, the Republic of television broadcasts every day for nine hours in Moldova, eleven o'clock, and in Uzbekistan, there are two channels ... But Russia was allowed three hours per week. Per week, you realize! Belarussian radio broadcasts every day more than sixteen hours, one of Ukraine more than thirty-two hours.

Russia, with its huge territory, is entitled to five hours per day. But all regions of the north can not receive that station. That's what I call a blockade on information. In each republic, the President may, on its chain, addressing the public. Why Boris Yeltsin, president of the largest of the republics, should he ask Gosteleradio the granting of a string? According to Boris Yeltsin, President of the USSR, has promised four times to give Russia the second string.

Moreover, spending on television are largely insured by the budget of Russia. - If you had a channel for Russia, what would you do? - It tells us that the second string is the dialogue between the republics. We are willing to let the air for three hours every day "Sodruzhestvo" (Friendship), and not three hours a week like now.

There might be an abstract half past one, for example, the Baltic countries or Kazakhstan. We quickly find a common language with the Republics. But we do not want the direction of the chains remain in the hands of Gosteleradio. For three years I directed the show Vzgliad (Insight) and not once did we have gone on the air in 22 hours, at which time we were scheduled.

We always had at that time someone having to go on air ... - Comrade Kravchenko said recently: "We can not give this channel because hundreds of people out of work." How ironic! Everyone knows we do not intend to dismiss. We are instead willing to pay higher wages than the state. Known journalists, who had a good seat, leaving Gosteleradio come and see us.

Politically, they are all in the center. In our investigations, we have removed the "party membership". Our other criteria are: professionalism, honesty, responsibility, is what counts. We do not want censorship policy while it exists in TV news service. - What is the attitude of the Russian Parliament? - Exceptional measures to protect the sovereignty of the Republic in respect of information are currently under study.

I think these measures will allow us to overcome the blockade. But anyway, we'll go on the air. If you look at history, Iskra (The Spark, paper of Lenin) was published in Switzerland. I did not make such analogies revolutionaries. I think that common sense will prevail because the issue is that of the existence of television and radio of the Republic's most important.

While a number of taxpayers have no television and radio, it is impossible to speak of equality.

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