Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nigeria postpones elections due to lack of electoral material

Lagos. .- The president of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (INEC), Attahiru Jega, said four hours after the commencement of the legislative elections scheduled for today, that the elections are postponed until next Monday due to late delivery of election materials . In a press conference, Jega said that the forms of results were used in the elections, which were ordered printed abroad, did not arrive on time and therefore could not be distributed to most of the 120,000 polling stations .

"Things have not gone as well as expected because our suppliers let us down," said Jega, adding that "to maintain the integrity of elections and keep control of the process, the elections are postponed until Monday, 4 April. " However, the INEC Chairman said that the material in question is already in the country and is being shared by all 36 states.

Following the announcement of the postponement, both the head of INEC as the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, apologized to the citizens of your country. "I regret what has happened, I apologize to all Nigerians and accept the responsibility," said Jega, while Jonathan apologized "on behalf of the Executive and the Legislature." Jonathan also called on Nigerians understanding and said that "it is preferable to" delay an election "for later hold an election" of the citizens of the country and the international community can be proud.

"Nigeria is able to organize free elections and fair, "he added. A total of 3305 candidates were presented to the legislative elections, which constitute the first phase of general elections on 9 April will continue with the vote to elect the next president and the 16th of that month to governors and state assemblies.

For its part, Nigeria's main opposition party, the Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN), rejected the new target date for legislative elections on Monday, saying he would need at least three or four days to mobilize funds and ensure the distribution of material for the new process. "The only day between now and Monday is Sunday, and banks are closed on Sundays.

Legislative Fix Saturday, 9, we move the presidential half of the next week and leave the state for 16 days as planned, "he told Efe ACN spokesman Lai Mohammed. Some Nigerians have urged the INEC chairman to resign: "The postponement will discourage voters, and shows the incompetence of the INEC," he told Efe Adeniyi Akintunde, a Nigerian who had registered to vote in the town of Ijebu Ode , in Ogun State, southwest of the country.

Since the beginning of Election Day, many polling stations suffered serious delays due to lack of material and the absence of officers. Both the first city in Nigeria, Lagos, as in the northern states of Kagi and Kadum and in the southern Bayelsa and Cross River, voters came to polling stations at 08.00 local time, when it should begin the process of registration had to wait at least two hours before the doors opened centers.

Despite the delays, has not reported any violent incident, which was feared given the numerous conflicts that have taken place across Nigeria in the months before the election. The current general election will be the fourth held since Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, returned to democracy in 1999 after a long period of military dictatorship.

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