Sunday, April 3, 2011

The travels of Prince Laurent opened a debate on the Royal House of Belgium

The Prince Laurent trip to the Republic of the Congo against the advice of his Government and other travel to Libya that have surfaced this week have opened the debate in Belgium about the need for a code of ethics for the Royal Family. The latest scandal starring the youngest son of Albert II, the most controversial members of the Belgian royal family, has succeeded in both political parties as the country's press begin to wonder if it is not necessary to elaborate standards of conduct for the monarchy.

An editorial in French daily 'Le Soir' warned on Friday that if the Prince Laurent change in attitude may be necessary to develop guidelines to establish what the members of the royal family may or may not do and for penalties in case of default. The scandals of Prince Laurent, which feeds more than any other member of the royal family's arguments opponents of the monarchy, periodically reopen the debate on the financing of the Royal Family.

In recent days, several political parties (especially the Flemish nationalists) have used this new controversy to seek review of the annual budget goes to each member of the Belgian royal family. Outrage over the last negligence committed by the prince grows daily, as more details are known about his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Belgian press has revealed that during the visit, which the Government had discouraged by the proximity of presidential elections in the country, met with Laurent Kabila presidenteJoseph, who financed the hotel night the prince and his delegation, and travel between Paris and Kinshasa.

It has also been revealed that the prince made between 2008 and 2010 several trips to Libya and met with one of the sons of Muammar al-Gaddafi, movements that were part of the activities of his private foundation "the Grect" which has to support projects related to sustainable development.

The fact of traveling the world to defend their interests as president of a private foundation while enjoying a budget public since 2001, posing problems for the newspaper "Le Soir." For its part, the newspaper La Derniere Heure 'explains that the accumulation of errors and carelessness by Laurent "put back on the table the issue of financial allocations to the princes.

The prime minister said in favor of a reform , as well as the NV-A (New Flemish Alliance), which even has stated that proposed to end them. " The allocation for the Royal House this year voted by Parliament is of 10.67 million euros for the King Albert II, 936,000 for the Crown Prince (Felipe) and 300,000 for each of the Princes Astrid and Laurent.

Prince Laurent, 47, has been involved in past scandals, from its indirect involvement in a case involving the diversion of funds from the Belgian Navy, to withdraw a few months of his driver's license, for doing Speeding through the streets of Brussels, an offense for which he has been punished several times.

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