Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fukushima found in the bodies of two employees killed in the earthquake TEPCO

Tokyo. .- Two employees of TEPCO, the company that operates the plant in Fukushima, missing since March 11 have been found dead in the basement of one of the units of the nuclear plant, NHK television reported. The two employees, 21 and 24 years, worked in maintenance in the turbine building of the reactor 4, where they were surprised by the strong earthquake of magnitude 9 on the Richter scale followed by tsunami.

Their bodies were found last Wednesday to drain the contaminated water that flooded the basement, so that before the autopsy had to be cleared of radioactivity, according to NHK, quoting sources of TEPCO. The tests determined that both died the same day 11 to 16:00 local time (07.00 GMT), after the earthquake and tsunami, because of external bleeding, the sources said.

The honorary president of TEPCO, Tsunehisa Katsumata, lamented the death of young people "who worked for the security of the system" and was determined that tragedies like this "is not repeated." The earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March, the worst disaster in Japan since World War II, caused more than 12,000 dead and 15,400 missing in the northeast.

Furthermore, a nuclear crisis erupted in central Fukushima 1 (Daiichi), where operators are working day and night to try to contain the radioactivity and restore the cooling system of the plant.

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