Sunday, April 3, 2011

The rebels seek to win over the tribes who are with Gaddafi

Libya is difficult to understand outside of their tribes and family clans became clear two days ago in Benghazi, where the rebel government submitted to Sheik Isa Mashad, chief of the tribe tabu-black skin, almost blue, wrapped in a white robe tergal-come from the heart of the Sahara to announce their support for the revolution of 17 February.

The city of Benghazi is full of posters advertising a Libya free of these ancient social structures. The truth, however, is that there is no force capable of overcoming these ties. The political experiment of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi tried unsuccessfully for years. In the Great Arab Socialist People's State of the Masses, namely Libya, Qaddafi, leaders, starting with himself, invested much energy in securing the support of the tribes to ensure their political survival.

In the new Libya, the state stuck in the cervix of violence, the same is happening. Abdelyalil Mustafa, head of the National Transition Council, has sent emissaries to Sirte and Tripoli in search of support from the two great tribes of the country, and magarha warfala. One million people are grouped under the lineage of each one of them.

Abdelyalil himself, former Justice Minister Gaddafi, is a warfala and sources of his government, which both can tell the truth like poison, say it has gained the support of important leaders of both tribes, clans, especially in Sirte, cot Gaddafi, the city that can hold the forceps to facilitate delivery of this revolution.

To this would also be helping the CIA, according to leaked White House, are in Libya for weeks. While he's involved in negotiating the maze of tribal, announced yesterday at Benghazi Abdelyalil to decree a ceasefire if Gaddafi's forces withdraw from the besieged cities, especially Misratah-and accept the peaceful protest by its people.

If it is true that has the support of chiefs and magarha warfala, Sirte would fall on the side of the revolution as soon as Gaddafi lowered their weapons. The city is dominated by the tribe gadafa, which belongs to Colonel Gaddafi, but it is a minority group, engaged in constant disputes with its neighbors over the distribution of resources.

Libya was an authoritarian state that rested on the family trade relations with Gaddafi provided certain elites and tribal chiefs, retaining, however, the tight control of economic resources and energy policy. The oil and gas are in areas controlled by tribes that are not the gadafa. The negotiations over the sharing of the benefits were consistent.

The tribes support the revolution is to be decided on the same terms. The ultimate intention of Gaddafi, therefore, is to lay down their weapons and allow inter-tribal compact. In fact, yesterday continued fighting in the area of Brega. Abdelyalil supply, however, was directed not so much to Qaddafi as the tribes.

The magarja warfala and have occupied key positions in the security services and militias who captained captains or Gaddafi's sons. These militias may be protecting Qaddafi, while the offensive in the east would lead soldiers recruited at the last minute, many of them forced to fight for any reason.

Yesterday afternoon, in a propaganda exercise that violated the Geneva Convention, the rebel government showed a half-dozen of the 35 prisoners it has captured between Benghazi and Sirte. The six were in their twenties, unable to raise his eyes or link two coherent sentences. One of them fighting in exchange for cigarettes and phone calls to his girlfriend.

Another was a farmer and a painter. I said the militants wanted around them say, that is, they had orders lasmujeres rape and kill as many civilians as they could. Although one out of Ghana and one from Chad, the fact that the two residing in Libya for years vanished in the absence of further evidence, the ghost of that between the forces has gadafistas mercenaries.

The prisoners, judging by their appearance and what little they could say, are part of a force of a few hundred men with so little preparation and the rebels themselves. The field, therefore, hardly decide the fate of the revolution. Or not they receive more help from NATO, the rebels have no choice but to appeal to the people of Sirte and Tripoli, people who, as seen in the early days of popular uprising, as they are so eager to get rid of Qaddafi but need the advice of family and tribal references to go out and finish off the dictator.

Unable to trust anyone but his own family, Gaddafi, whatever their fate, is about to lose the ability to move. The certainty with which so far has moved between Tripoli and Sebah shelter in the desert is not as strong. A tribal chiefs can no longer compensate them both let it go. The land disappears beneath your feet and yet, everybody, at least in Benghazi, even feared.

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