Sunday, April 3, 2011

The rebels doubt that NATO is involved in the deaths of 15 militants

About fifteen guerrillas were killed Friday night outside Bregaal be achieved by a bullet that could have been launched by NATO aircraft. The militiamen had just retake the city after several days of battle and expressed their joy by firing anti-aircraft in the air, at random, without aim. Suficienrte was yet to receive a lethal response.

Issam Gheriani, rebel spokesman, told La Vanguardia that it could not ensure that it had been a NATO aircraft. "It's logical to think that was the artillery of Gaddafi, who was in the immediate area. We have no evidence either way." Gheriani avoided criticizing NATO and in any case, said "we prefer estops losing men to the Alliance forces intervene and replant Gaddafi in Benghazi." Benghazi, Libya's second city with 800,000 inhabitants, was about to be occupied by forces loyal to Gaddafi on 19 March, when the French aircraft aborted the attack.

Since then there have been constant fighting in the region of the Gulf of Sirte. "More than 400,000 people have fled their homes," says Gheriani. Brega is now under rebel control, that regaining ground after habrlo lost over the past five days. The rebels are about to succumb to Misrata after five weeks of siege.

Gaddafi's forces after heavy shelling with rockets, mortars and tanks, entered on Friday in the city center. NATO aircraft attacked the airbase on the outskirts, which underlies the gadafistas, but it was practically nothing.

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