Sunday, April 3, 2011

I survived the earthquake in Fukushima

The hope is placed in them. In the workers of the plant Fuskushima that work tirelessly in rotating shifts of 50 to tackle the crisis center, whose history seems to have only one outcome: death. The focus is on them, but there are many other trabajores who were there the day of the earthquake and once safely behind the disaster, they miss part of the team of 'settlement'.

This is the case of a maintenance worker 31, who in an interview to the BBC concecida, recococe would be willing to return to the plant. "If possible, I'd like to work there. But we can not do anything. The people working there are experts from TEPCO," says this young man who has never wanted to reveal his name.

He lived in Fukushima earthquake. The quake struck just after three in the afternoon. He who runs a maintenance company contracted by the nuclear, was making a routine check on the turbine reactor number 5 in the same moment when everything started to move. "The heavy machinery, cranes ...

trembling over our heads. After three minutes the electricity went off," he explains. "The shaking lasted about five minutes, and was very strong." He began to shout the name of his colleagues and tried to check that all was well. The earth began to shake again and then everyone started to run.

Once verified that all were safe, had the permission to go home with their families. This young worker out as fast as he could in his car. "I knew it would be a tsunami. I saw the ad on TV in my car, 20 minutes after the first tremor." However, recognizing that no one expected the disaster of such magnitude.

The plant workers themselves were aware that the plant was old, per "never imagined a situation like this." "If only there had been an earthquake, the situation had not been so bad. But the tsunami destroyed many things," such as emergency switches. Aware that the nuclear plant had been severely damaged, the first reaction was to tell their family and friends because I knew that radiation affects health.

"As soon as I knew there was a leak of radiation, I told my family and friends to escape as far as possible immediately," he adds. Still, knowing firsthand the risks, the worker acknowledges that the plant would return to work. He and other workers want to "help perosnas who are working there in this situation, to prevent it from getting worse." And regrets that it can not go back.

"It's frustrating, but we can not help them." The situation changes from day to day, but not willing to risk your company's workers, he himself would be willing to come back and defend to TEPCO. Despite the catastrophe, says that "no one's fault. Tepco is not to blame, they are doing everything possible to minimize the damage."

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