Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brussels condemns border controls established by France

The European Commission has condemned the controls implemented by France in the area near its border with Italy with the aim of intercepting the wave of immigrants fleeing the conflict Tunisians living in their country. France and Italy are both countries of Schengen, the European area without internal borders, has reminded the commissioner in charge of immigration Cecilia Malmström at a news conference in Brussels.

He also added that "France could evoke a serious threat to public order", but has also stated that "it is not yet the case." Anyway, Malmström has estimated that "the French authorities can not return the immigrants to Italy." This possibility, nevertheless, is scheduled for a bilateral agreement decided by France and Italy, which entered into force in September 2000, have reminded the French authorities have also mentioned its existence to the Commission.

There is disagreement between Paris and the Commission on the checks carried out by French police in the department of Alpes-Maritimes, located on the border with Italy. A quarantine intercepted Tunisian underground every day and deported to Ventimiglia, Italy. The French authorities are convinced that they have the right to make these checks.

"We can not build a barrier, but we can carry out inspections within 20 miles closer to our border with Italy." In addition, Paris argues that these controls are "sporadic", even though the Commission considers to be "systematic" and therefore contrary to the Schengen Treaty. The flow of immigrants fleeing Tunisia looking for new opportunities is becoming a problem for France.

This will be discussed on April 11 in Luxembourg by the interior ministers of the European Union. The Commissioner has acknowledged that "so far the vast majority of immigrants who have arrived in Lampedusa not apply for asylum, but the profiles start to change."

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