Sunday, April 3, 2011

The NATO bombing may have killed 17 rebels

Algiers. .- NATO is checking the reports broadcast by Qatari Al Jazeera chain whereby Allied bombings have killed 17 rebels in Libya, today reported a spokesman for the Alliance. "We are examining this information. We're always concerned about reports of civilian casualties. The NATO mission is to protect civilians and civilian areas from the threat of an attack," said Alliance spokeswoman, Oana Lungescu.

NATO has no troops on the ground, so as to verify the possible responsibility of allied aircraft is to examine the location of them and if they launched a missile at the time that witnessed the alleged victims. This information has been confirmed by Libyan government sources, it is stated that the bombing has achieved positions of forces loyal to the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

On the other hand, NATO reported today in a statement it has made a total of 363 outlets, 148 related to the identification of targets, since he took command of operations in Libya, on 31 March. In addition, two ships were stopped to report on their destination and cargo operations within the naval embargo on arms control and mercenaries, although it was not necessary approaches, NATO added in a statement.

A total of 21 ships were under NATO command in the central Mediterranean. Rebels accuse Gaddafi forces to infiltrate them rebels have accused Libya of Gadhafi forces to infiltrate their ranks and begin shooting into the air to attract the NATO bombing, as he has killed yesterday evening effective ten insurgents near the city of Brega (eastern Libya).

"Some of the gadafistas infiltrated the rebels and began firing antiaircraft weapons. Then it was NATO bombed all," said rebel fighter Ali Mustafa Omar. While this explanation is widespread among the rebels, some elements of the insurgency have acknowledged that was they who "made a mistake" to begin shooting in the air.

"The rebels fired into the sky and then the alliance bombed them. It is we who make mistakes," said a fighter who preferred to remain anonymous. The bombing took place at 22.00 pm yesterday, Spanish CET, under the intense fighting that are taking place in the city between rebels and forces loyal to the Libyan autocrat.

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