Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thousands of Egyptians demand punishment for the Mubarak regime in Cairo

Thousands of people demonstrated today in Cairo's Tahrir Square to demand the court punish the perpetrators of acts of corruption and illicit enrichment during the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Some groups called for protests and ended with the Mubarak regime, Feb. 11, still insist on their struggle considering that some of the original requests were not met by the military rulers who inherited power.

The protest, similar to almost every Friday is called in the square in central Cairo, was summoned today to "save the revolution", according to the motto of the organizers. One of the participants in the demonstration, university professor Hani Abdelfatah, told Efe that "I came here to continue the fight." Among the demands that are required include the repeal of emergency law in force since 1981, the release of all political prisoners and the prison regime's old supporters who got rich in the shadow of power.

The Supreme Council for the Defence Forces, who inherited power after the fall of the regime, has also promised to repeal the emergency law in the coming months. Abdelfallah added that "we are insisting on Jan. 25 claims that have not been met. The Supreme Council has to listen to people and do what the people want." At the rally could be seen flags, badges, hats and other memorabilia from the popular rebellion that erupted on 25 January.

Some of the placards calling for justice act against Mubarak and some of the most notorious figures of his regime, and had other nationalist slogans rejecting any foreign intervention in Egyptian politics.

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