Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Egyptian military junta running the country announced a provisional constitution

The Egyptian military junta running the country since the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February, will announce on Wednesday an interim constitution which will remain valid at least until the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections. "The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ad constitutional issue which will work on the next stage, which comprise the parliamentary and presidential elections, the military junta said in a statement posted on its website on social networking site Facebook.

It is assumed that the transitional constitution will be a smaller version of the Magna Carta of 1971, which was suspended by the military junta on 13 February, which also dissolved Parliament and assumed legislative work for a period of six months. This version will include the reform of eight items that were endorsed on 18 March in order to amend, among other things, the term of office of head of state and the requirements for a presidential candidate.

Two days ago, the military junta officially called parliamentary elections for September, but did not set a date, and defined a new legal framework to regulate the formation of political parties.

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