Thursday, March 31, 2011

Detained for terrorism a South African right-wing leader

A former leader of the far-right South African Andre Visagie, was arrested by police after grasping at his farm near the town of Kimberley arms, munitions and cell phones ready for detonation at a distance. In total, the extremist had an arsenal of five homemade guns, 650 ammunition cartridge cases and 14 previously stolen mobile phones, said the newspaper 'Times'.

"There may be more arrests and are likely to be charged with a crime of terrorism", announced the National Prosecuting Authority. Visagie is a history of AWB, right-wing party taking power now for almost a year after the assassination of former leader, Eugene Terreblanche. Then, with your partner's body still warm, the politician was quick to proclaim outright revenge against the black population.

"Do not go unpunished and we will respond," he told the media Visage, arguing that crime, perpetrated by two farm workers Terreblanche, was a component of "racial hatred" (it was black). Then publicly retracted after understanding that not a good idea to announce that it will commit a crime.

At that time, Visage assumed control of the match, the AWB, until last June, in an internal election process, Steyn van Ronge was proclaimed the new leader of the extreme right. Then, Visage understood that AWB had been too small for their purposes and founded a new party to the right of his former colleagues, Gelofletvolk Die Republikein, openly declaring that "in the AWB is very slow.

I would rather do what I have do elsewhere, "he said. Visagie is also famous for an interview that travels over the Internet in South African television after the murder of Terreblanche, which nearly ended in blows with the interviewer and the other fellow members, blacks, who accused him of racism.

He became famous in South Africa then a joke in which he repeated a phrase: "In my study did not touch me." Now read that sentence in some of the comments on websites that give the news.

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