Thursday, March 31, 2011

Allied aircraft comes to the aid of the Libyan forces retreating rebels

The morning was very hard for the rebel forces, unable to hold their positions along the road to Sirte and Tripoli. The fighting is very hard between bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf. The militants have retreated first to Brega, another oil city, and later, early afternoon, many of them have fled even further east, in Ajdabiya, the last town before Benghazi stronghold of resistance.

"We need the planes of Sarkozy," said the guerrilla revolutionaries who came to this city. "The situation is very bad," confessed the Aiwa-Mustapha, who on Tuesday was in Ras Lanuf and this morning has left Brega. "We have no weapons shall be adequate. Gaddafi has Grad rockets that reach 40 kilometers.

We only machine guns, grenade launchers and Kalashnikov old. "Option, shuffled in Washington, to arm this force of volunteers with no military experience is hard to imagine what could be done. Before these people need training weapons, especially if it receiving new weapons, and no time and no way to provide it.

The Allied air-all of it attributed to France as this is the first country attacked, bombed Qaddafi gadafistas positions in the vicinity of Ras Lanuf in the morning. If these attacks successful, it is likely that oil enclave, which has changed hands several times in the last month, falling back on the rebel side.

The coming days will be crucial for determnar a lot of this war. NATO does not want a long dispute, you must do what they ask the guerrillas. If Allied aircraft fails to break the resistance of gadafistas units, the clash is entrenched in a front oscillating along the coast that preclude Gaddafi output power and the foundation of a new Libya.

The guerrillas with whom we have spoken this morning were tired and embarrassed by the low air support received Monday and Tuesday, but eager to return to the front to catch Gaddafi Allied aircraft soon will open the road.

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