Thursday, March 31, 2011

Imprisonment for the 19 pro-democracy demonstrators arrested in Morocco

The Court of Appeal in Marrakesh sentenced them to four to eight years' imprisonment to 19 persons involved in acts of vandalism that occurred on February 20, following protests by a democratic constitution in Morocco, reported the official news agency MAP. The court, which yesterday issued its verdict, were convicted of "use of force and violence", "destruction of public property", "armed robbery" and "outrage against public order," among other crimes.

Two defendants were sentenced to eight years imprisonment, two to six years and one to five years, and fourteen others were punished with four years in prison. The same court already convicted to prison terms of between five and eight to ten other persons involved in the riots that took place in the city of Marrakesh on 20 February, reported the same source.

Similarly, the Court of Appeal sentenced Tangier on 25 February to ten years imprisonment to four persons involved in acts of vandalism that took place in that city in northern Morocco in the demonstrations on 20 February. That day, tens of thousands of Moroccans took to the streets to demand "a democratic constitution and the dissolution of the government and parliament" in a peaceful demonstrations degenerated into acts of vandalism in some localities.

On March 20, Moroccans demonstrate again, this time without any disturbances occur, to claim the King Mohamed VI to go faster and farther in the constitutional reforms announced in a speech on 9 March.

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