Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Moroccan police beat up a teacher in Rabat

Rabat / Barcelona (Editorial / Agencies) .- Near the Parliament in downtown Rabat, Morocco, not far from the station, the teachers organized a peaceful protest march on March 26, 2011. After the peaceful protest group of teachers, there is a police charge that falls to the ground after receiving heavy blows from police batons and falls to the ground with serious head injuries and back.

Although Moroccan local news sources have confirmed that this teacher assaulted and beaten by Moroccan police recovered well from his serious wounds. Suddenly the police involved and someone taped and beat up a Protestant. When the tumult was diluted a woman begins to scream: "I have killed, they killed him!", As confirmed by international news sources in Rabat, but ultimately there is no fear for his life.

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