Thursday, March 31, 2011

BASQUE COUNTRY - The heirs of Batasuna waiting to be legalized

One of the problems of contemporary democracy is the sacred ways and forgetting the purpose, says the philosopher Tzvetan Todorov. This remark, which is causing the economy, can also be applied to the political debate that has rocked Spain today, and more particularly to the labyrinth in which we are entering to finish with ETA.

Everyone recognizes that this end is closer than ever, but nobody is trying to hasten it. The means - namely the absence of Sortu * local elections on May 22, 2011 - has become an end in itself. But they forgot the goal: to ensure that this is the party to save his skin, finish with ETA, which forced him to dissolve.

Counterterrorism strategy pursued in recent years by the government aimed this dissolution, which now looks close. It is necessary to achieve to stay the course, and not merely repeat the syllogism that if Batasuna is Sortu * ETA and Batasuna, ETA is then Sortu. But it is more realistic to say that Sortu is "Batasuna in breaking with ETA, which must be taken into account to achieve the objective of the dissolution.

The unity of the Spanish democratic parties is important to defeat ETA, and it would be foolish to endanger it. Yet what many critic's People's Party [right], but also figures like Jesus Eguiguren Socialist, President of the Basque Socialist Party. He accuses Zapatero and his government to be passive, not to encourage the process that was started with political initiatives.

Does he mean by this that the government would not have challenged the legal registration of Sortu List of political parties? The actual bronce rather proves he was right to act so as to make judicial intervention necessary for the outcome, whatever it is, has the endorsement of the judicial system, including Strasbourg.

In terms of other initiatives, the left abertzale [radical separatists, who want to just create a new party, Sortu] stressed the need to take action vis-à-vis political prisoners able to pave the way for " democratic agreement which will resolve the conflict. " In other words, prepare the table where the parties sit down, as stated ETA will reach a consensus on the "formulation" of the recognition of self-determination and territoriality.

Eguiguren said his side last June, it was easier for ETA and the left abertzale of "renounce the armed struggle in exchange for nothing in exchange for political counterparts. Because the government could never give them what they think is obliged to charge and they could never accept what the government could offer them.

In other words, it is easier for ETA to retire on his own only after a negotiation. After some doubts, the government decided not to enter a dynamic of give and do nothing to legalize Batasuna as ETA will continue to exist. With the matter in the hands of the courts, political action must now be directed not to allow or prevent the participation of Sortu elections, but to create conditions conducive to self-dissolution of ETA, one of them being that the new party requires the dissolution.

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