Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pakistan - The rape of Mukhtaran Mai unpunished

Nine years of combat have been for nothing: the Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed Thursday, April 21 appeal by Mukhtaran Mai, a village of a gang rape victim June 22, 2002. Only one of six men named by the young woman as her attackers, the main accused of rape, scoop perpetuity. The other five were released.

Hometown Meerwala, a village in Punjab province, Mukhtaran Mai was raped in retaliation for illicit sexual relations with his younger brother charged at the time aged 12. Of the 14 suspects identified by Mukhtaran Mai, a local court had sentenced six men to death, but in 2005, the Lahore High Court acquitted five and had commuted the sentence of the main accused to life imprisonment.

"I lost confidence in the courts and now I rely on God's justice," said Mukhtaran Mai, now an activist for the cause of women in the British daily The Guardian. In his editorial of 22 April, the Pakistani daily The Tribune Express pays tribute to this woman now aged 39: "Mukhtaran is a fighter.

The verdict of the Supreme Court will not change this reality. Since her rape, she fought with extraordinary courage, campaigned for women's rights and has built schools for girls. The verdict is a new violence against a woman who refused to lose his dignity. "His autobiography," disgraced, "was published in 2006 by Oh! Editions.

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