Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scotland Yard devoted 30 detectives to find Madeleine

London. .- The British police Scotland Yard detectives and spend 30 million pounds to investigate the case of Madeleine, the three-year British girl who disappeared in the Algarve in Portugal in 2007. The opening of a new investigation comes after the parents of Madeleine, the McCanns, demanded last week in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron an independent review of the case, still unsolved, and that the Scotland Yard commissioner Paul Stephenson claimed that the girl might be alive, today reported the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

" Some members of the team of 30 people assigned to the investigation were to retire or to take a voluntary layoff, police sources said. When Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz resort while vacationing with her parents the Portuguese police, assisted by police from the English county of Leicestershire, began an investigation that was closed in 2008 for lack of evidence.

Last week, Scotland Yard announced it will launch a new search for the girl, a decision that was met with criticism by arguing that police resources were most needed for other cases. One of the difficulties that faced the detectives, some of them to retire, is that most of the documentation on the case is in Portuguese, he observed a police source.

Scotland Yard should review all files transferred by the Portuguese police, a task that will direct the chief inspector of the homicide unit of the body Andy Redwood. "Nobody doubts the wisdom of making it possible to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann, but I imagine that the controls of the Metropolitan Police will not be too happy with this," said the member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Lord Harris.

"Again, the officers involved in a complex investigation in which the chances of success are unclear and will divert police resources that could be used to solve other problems," said Harris.

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