Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The last representatives of the Parliament of Bahrain Shiites leave their positions

Bahrain's parliament has accepted the resignation of the last seven members of the Shiite opposition, who have taken the decision to leave to denounce the repression of demonstrations in favor of democracy. According to the official news agency BNA, this measure has been adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, after a letter of its chairman Khalifa Al-Dhahran aimed at Shiite MPs remain unanswered.

March 29, Parliament accepted the resignation of 11 of the 18 members of the Shiite opposition. These 18 members who resigned belonged to the parliamentary bloc of 'Al-Wefaq', the main Shiite opposition group in the House with a total of 40 members. Justice Minister, Sheikh Khaled Ben Ali Al Khalifa, announced the call for elections in September.

The first round will be held on 24 September and the second on 1 October. The Bahraini authorities announced on June 1 lifting of emergency rule, launched March 15 to suppress popular protest. The wave of protests and crackdown since mid-February has left 24 people dead, according to Manama.

Four protesters have died in custody since then.

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