Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The banker and the waitress

I do not understand why all the shock, disbelief and astonishment at the alleged sexual offense Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the only novelty is that the events described, once jealously guarded in the laundries smoking luxury hotel today aerated publicly. I do not understand those who snort at the "adversarial system" U.S..

UU. and his hunting dogs, as if they did not know that in New York for smoking a cigarette in a park you can end up in handcuffs, or those who are shocked to learn the details of the love of luxury Strauss-Kahn, emphasizing how far is lifestyle is the socialist ideology. I think the more erratic the insistence on linking the crimes and the lack of ethics and political affinity, as if the ideology involved some type of security that would curb the criminal, the corrupt, the amoral.

So naive are we? Does anyone really believe that the director of the IMF was on the left? With its lively bar decorated with influences and free, Strauss-Kahn, is proved or not the offense-is the real schizophrenia between the theory and practice, intellect and body, the professional efficiency and moral destitution.

Some people are determined to build, with the hit and sunk Strauss-Kahn, the ultimate symbol of social decay. But history has shown that being a lefty does not imply a moral superiority and ensure respect for equality, there are too rough examples, from the revolutionaries of Sierra Maestra, the Sandinista Ortega, to elephants from the Elysee.

Freud gathered a joke about some students at a party, complained that all the girls surround an old rich guy: "They prefer to worship the golden calf," said one. "I see, but do not understand why you take away years," replied the other. Still, Strauss-Kahn's behavior, violent increases testosterone and unhealthy drive have nothing to do with age and generation to dazzle pitopáusicos waitresses tickets and champagne.

See, if not, the latest studies on the perception of sexism among young people and their wide tolerance for sexual violence. Ocom rejuvenates the profile of the customer who hires a prostitute. As long as justice takes its course, let's review the merits of the case, well clear of ideological, generational and intellectual.

Because the fund has no other name than that of sexual violence in custom installed on the one hand, and the impunity of power, on the other. That "be discreet with bedroom issues" which has performed so well in old Europe. What it does is shocking, beyond the widespread sexual freak profile of Strauss-Kahn, that at no time invalidated as "the candidate best prepared intellectually to deal with Sarkozy" - is that sexual violence exists on the hyper.

It extends throughout the world and routinely practiced in the Congo or Haiti, which declines with sweetened variables in the skyscrapers of the West. As for collusion with the miserable stories of bed and power that no mistake: in Europe survives a machismo illustrated on the right and left, and an uncompromising defense of the separation between public and private life.

That's the back door of the Elysee, a silent witness continuous dance lovers and travel funded by public money lust. And that is not Puritanism. It is impossible to conceal crimes, such as has been committed by someone who had everything in life, like so many others, those who want to get away with it at the expense of usurping the freedom of others.

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