Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BURKINA FASO - Warning! The people are no longer afraid of the military

Calm returned to the "country of honest men", but how long will it last? A question that any reasonable mind must arise under the government reshuffle carried out on April 21 and is far from meeting the aspirations of Burkina Faso. It does not upset the organization of power that wins since 1987, is the message that the discrete Blaise Compaore wanted to send to his people, communicating, April 21, the composition of his new government.

Out of 29 ministers in a cabinet that wants small, 15 are new faces. But on the merits, the "servants" of the Chief Executive in Burkina Faso are always from the same harem: either the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP, in power) or parties that qualify satellites in the Burkinabe political backwater.

Farewell to the opening, before the "compaoréisme. Under the psychological tussle as protestors of his regime have committed against him since the beginning of 2011, the military Compaore has wanted to tell them: "I was shaken in my convictions, but I want more than ever the road! " Like the bosses of the best powers autism in black Africa, the regime of PDC does not see fit to carry out deep reforms that promise to soothe the anger of the people.

It is also possible to better manage anger and new population that Blaise Compaore was awarded the Defense of morocco. Make no mistake about it! The famous Blaise mediator has no desire to abandon ship in Burkina weeks or months are coming. The eruption of discontent on his native soil is required that provides answers more innovative than the 21 April.

Those of Holy Thursday are light-years concession attitudes in recent weeks has shown the power of Ouagadougou. The Burkinabe have no need at this time a strong chief executive, but rather a president who is listening to their cries from the heart. The gradual opening of the Burkinabe regime wants to challenge the new government formed is a crucial step towards a consensual search of solutions to the ills of the country.

An approach that commanded so that real opponents make their entrance in the new government team. Or that important decisions were announced by the Chair to lessen social disparities striking the land of upright men.

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