Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Freed Al Jazeera journalist arrested in Syria

MADRID. .- Dorothy Parvaz, Al Jazeera journalist who was detained for nearly three weeks shortly after arriving in Damascus, has been released and moved to Qatar from Iran, said on Wednesday the Qatari television station itself. Dorothy Parvaz, a seasoned journalist who works for Al Jazeera since 2010, was arrested on April 29 just after landing in Damascus, where he had sent the satellite television station to cover news of protests against the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad.

During his detention, he was not allowed any contact with the outside world and Al Jazeera had no news about his whereabouts, although it is known that she was transferred to Iran. Parvaz triple nationality has the American, Canadian and Iranian. Their disappearance drew widespread international campaign for his release through Twitter and Facebook.

The journalist landed in Doha on Wednesday on a flight from Iran. "I have the pleasure to inform you that Dorothy Parvaz has been released, was found unharmed and returned to us at Doha," said a spokesman for Al Jazeera. "It has been in contact with his family and now are with her to learn more about the ordeal he has lived these past 18 days," he said.

Her boyfriend, Todd Barker, wrote on Facebook: "He is safe in Doha and will soon come to Vancouver. I can not wait to see it. "Barker, whose intention is to marry next summer Parvaz this was with the family of Parvaz when informed of his release. The journalist intends to travel to Canada as soon as possible to meet all of them.

"We thank the Iranian authorities that have been good, as we confirmed it," Barker told Al Jazeera. He also expressed his gratitude to the U.S. and Canadian authorities, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ ), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and all those who called for the release of his girlfriend, including one's own Al Jazeera.

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