Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At least ten dead and 50 injured in a protest against NATO in Afghanistan

Kabul. .- Eleven people were killed by Afghan police firing to quell popular protests against a raid by NATO troops that ended last night with the lives of two men and two women in northern Afghanistan, according to various sources. The incident occurred in Taluqan, capital of Takhar province, where 2,000 protesters this morning took to the streets carrying the bodies of four people killed yesterday, told Efe the provincial governor, Abdul Taqwa Jawar.

The protesters tore posters of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, threw stones at the police headquarters Taluqan, and both tried to enter the building that houses the governor's office and base in the city of Force Security Assistance Afghanistan (ISAF) under NATO. Eleven civilians were killed and about 80 were injured in police firing to disperse the crowd, Taqwa said, adding that two German ISAF soldiers and three Afghan guards were injured inside the military base.

"Some Taliban managed to infiltrate the crowd opportunistically, and attacked security forces threw grenades. Police took control around one in the afternoon," said the governor. Taqwa himself criticized international troops for causing the deaths of four "civilians" in their raid last night, registered in the district of Gomali, although the international force remained in a statement that the victims were "insurgents." The aim of the operation, the ISAF said in the note, was to find an arms dealer belonging to the insurgent group Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), an Islamist organization active affiliation in northern Afghanistan.

In total, ISAF troops detained two suspected insurgents and killed four, including "a woman wearing a military jacket and a Ak-47 rifle, and another with" a gun ", they made a move to shoot the international troops. "Throughout the operation, security forces were careful to ensure the wellbeing of all civilians," he said in his statement the ISAF, which did not specify whether the individual seeking the troops were captured or killed during the raid.

Takhar has been until now one of the quieter areas of Afghanistan, although it is not far from the troubled region of Kunduz and in the area operates the IMU, which aims to implement "Islamic law" in Uzbekistan and other Central Asia . Civilian deaths have been classified in the past by the Afghan government as "unacceptable", and are one of the main points of friction between the Afghan and international troops in the country, a total of 150,000 soldiers.

Last year 2,777 civilians died from violence, according to the UN mission in Afghanistan, mostly in the south and east of the country, the most active regions where the Taliban and other armed groups. Today's is the second time in four days to produce a demonstration against the ISAF: Last Saturday, hundreds of people protested in the eastern province of Nangarhar in the death of a villager in a similar operation.

And exactly one month ago, three people died and dozens were injured when a mob attacked international troops in the town of Charikar, the central province of Parwan, in protest at the arrest of three priests. Civil unrest had its most dramatic expression in early April, following the burning of a Quran in a Florida church that sparked a wave of protests in Afghanistan that killed twenty people.

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