Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TUNISIA - The Libyan refugees flocking

The situation in Libya has never been more critical than it is these days. The images we have reported a small country with fire and blood. And stories from some newly arrived refugees Libyan echo of unprecedented repression and monstrosities. These brigades are perpetrated by pro-Gaddafi and the bloody and ruthless mercenaries whose only other instructions than to vandalize, rape and kill.

Cities martyrs, and Misrata Zawia in particular, are only ruins and desolation, submitted during the first days of air strikes and heavy bombardment of artillery shells fired today. The residents in these cities live in terror, keeping their home as they leave for a trip necessities. Faced with increasing violence of the fighting and fearing the murderous madness of Colonel Gaddafi, demonic, spiteful and vindictive, many Libyan families in distress have left their homeland in fear for their lives and their children.

Since mid-April, the flow of immigrants in Libya Tunisia has significantly increased from a few tens crossing borders as tourists on normal days, hundreds fleeing the horrors and atrocities. The border post Dehiba [200 km from the Mediterranean coast] was the first to accommodate the flow of refugees from neighboring cities and Wazen Nalout, or even Jbel Nefoussa Yefren or a little further, borrowing unpaved trail through the desert to escape reprisals from pro-Gaddafi brigades.

The inhabitants of the governorate of Tataouine with Scouts always avant-garde role, responded to the call of human duty and did not skimp on the means nor the efforts to lend a hand to their brothers Libyans who are in urgent need of aid and assistance. The entire population of the region is doing a remarkable show of solidarity shown by a calculation without mobilization.

Families, Remada, Tataouine City, Rogba at Maztouria at Smar, etc.., Opened their doors to welcome with open arms hundreds of families often coming by car. The complex of the Youth City Tataouine festival dedicated space to house all these families, and all his staff, facilitators and educators, is hard at work to establish a program of entertainment and education for children who are deprived of schooling.

Students in area schools are in solidarity with their new comrades. In Ras Jedir, the important flow and justified fear of the imminent closure of borders by the Libyan authorities encourage families to leave the territory before it is too late, as we were keen to tell some friends, known to be opponents of the regime, having taken the risk to arrive by sea, Zouara Zarzis.

Libyan cars are more likely to travel on our roads and in our cities, Ben Guerdane in Zarzis, Djerba and Medenine. The human chain of solidarity that was formed after the arrival of the first Egyptian refugee flows is about to be called up to provide the best services to our Libyan brothers, who urgently need us in these critical times their existence.

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