Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tripoli willing to compromise if the rebels and stop NATO bombing

Representatives of the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi on Tuesday were willing to comply with UN resolution 1973 if the rebels holed up in Benghazi and NATO cease its bombing. "We were told that Tripoli is ready to fully meet the demands by the UN resolution 1973," said Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, told a news conference.

Lavrov made the remarks after talks in Moscow with a delegation of Libyan official, who also expressed his desire to "study the ways proposed in the roadmap developed by the African Union." At the same time, he said, representatives of Qaddafi put as a condition "that similar steps den insurgents and NATO to stop bombing" the territory of the North African country.

"That's what we try to achieve the special envoy of UN secretary general. We support that line of persuading all parties to the conflict there is no military solution to the situation," said the Russian minister was quoted by the Russian news agencies. Lavrov believes that now "the important thing now is to agree the terms and conditions of the truce.

This will provide a firm foundation to begin a national dialogue on the future of the new Libya and how will the system of this important North African state." "We need as soon as possible to declare a ceasefire and agree on terms and conditions. If this is achieved, there will be no reason to continue the bombing of NATO aircraft, which are outside away from the targets set under the resolutions of the Security Council of the UN, "he said.

The head of Russian diplomacy said he had warned "the Libyan authorities on the need to announce and fully implement the UN resolutions" and recalled that they "require cease all use of armed force against civilians." and urged Libyan authorities " cooperate with the UN in providing humanitarian aid throughout the country, is the areas controlled by forces loyal to Qadhafi or dominated by the opposition.

He also stressed the importance of all the steps being taken to the settlement the conflict to be monitored by international observers, which will ensure that they respect the positions of all parties. The rebels Libyans also had plans to travel this week to Moscow, but finally had to postpone his visit due to technical reasons, according to Lavrov said.

"receive , enter into discussions, but also send messages to Tripoli and Benghazi through other channels, "he said. However, he added that Russia" does not assume a role of mediator between the government of Tripoli and the opposition "and that only" supports efforts mediation of the UN and the AU initiative.

" In this regard, the president of the Institute of Strategic Studies, Alexander Konovalov, urged Russia to persuade Gaddafi to leave the country, a prerequisite for the cessation of hostilities. "Gaddafi is the apple of discord in Libya today. His presence strengthens both the government and opposition forces.

The Russian mediation effect would be if convinced Qaddafi to leave the country on terms more or less acceptable," said . According to Konovalov, "the permanence of Gaddafi in Libya means the continuation of the conflict that eventually culminate in a ground operation, since otherwise it is impossible to take power." Russia still recognizes the authoritarian regime as the legitimate power Libyan Arab country, while the West has been criticized for exceeding the international UN mandate its bombing and alleged attempts to kill Gaddafi.

"The excesses in the implementation of the mandates must cease. We advocate that the bloodshed to cease immediately in the interest of the Libyan people, its neighbors and the international community the process returns to its political path," said Eve Lavrov.

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