Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The end of the code of silence?

Anne Sinclair spoke swiftly: "I have believed for a second sexual assault allegations hanging over my husband. I am convinced that it will be proven innocent." The wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn knows the Meccans who breathe life to the news. You might even, in time and solvent legal team, repair the image of President of the IMF.

Its main attraction is to impose the sharp strength of who can play with the camera. Tell your friends that will make the cause a battle at close range. Who knows but also, return of the trials, a dazzling future sales success. At sixty-two, the same age as Strauss-Kahn, is one of the most famous journalists in France.

A sorry figure, but not both. Is used to dealing with the criticisms of the excesses spouses. The stone retains poise even now when the situation seems to tack to the black with hints of oil and keep getting worse. In fact what yours has been an endless dialogue with all the tributaries of professional success.

Tasted between 1984 and 1997 with his legendary talk show, an hour for the parade the biggest names in politics, the arts and science. From Woody Allen to Bill Clinton, Madonna, Henry-Levy Gorbachev or no figure that does not go through the set, delighted that the respondents fine journalist.

After he left everything, or almost, when Strauss-Kahn told see. He would act as Minister of Economy. Since then he has devoted his days to shore up a political career chosen for glory. To write books between the political point and the elastic smile lunches with people who share disturbing, to put the knife patented Montalbán.

Born in New York in 1948, was married to the journalist Ivan Levai (Budapest, 1937), which has two children. Granddaughter of Paul Rosenberg, the great art dealer, the guy who represented Picasso and Matisse. In turn, the son of a representative of painters, started in business just 18 years old.

In a delightful article in Time magazine, published on December 7, 1953 to mark the first time that exposed their private treasures Rosenberg, explained that his first acquisitions were two Van Gogh, purchased for twenty dollars each. Also acquired a Manet original $ 200 price. He left France after the Nazi invasion.

He opened a successful gallery in Manhattan. Crowned emperor reigned as art that broke the twentieth century into two halves clean, high priest of the Minotaur and the teacher Malaga grim and white beard. It is in this sophisticated cult in which Sinclaire grow. As the grandfather took advantage of opportunities and scan the future.

That is one of the great 'bloggers' politics of France exemplifies its ability to optimize opportunities, not to mention the charm musk journalists have always had a bed in the palace. In fact, rather than a privileged witness, Anne Sinclair is a neat example of duplicity, write and star reporter and princess by birth, checkbook and ancestry.

After walking a child between Harlequins laconic, studying at the University of Paris, found and leave 7 / 7 and work for public radio program with an exquisite lived in Washington since 2007. Announced its relatively low profile in purple dreams. Determined to succeed as first lady Carla Bruni, will be resolved before a mess.

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