Saturday, May 7, 2011

There's wooden legs

Troufion life? Exhausting. Fortunately we can carry his gear for his little maid. This photo of a soldier stationed in Singapore on Facebook has been around social networks, reports The Straits Times, which in turn took possession of the subject. On the Web, comments ranged from outrage to concern about the health of the armed forces, through attempts at explanation.

"Parents should show more discretion in what they expect from their home, said Yu Ming Loke on Facebook. Seemingly innocuous things like wearing the binder children, what is done here, may lead to the development of undesirable behavior without their knowledge. "After a" deafening silence "in the words of the Straits Times, the Army 's is split by a message on the forum of the newspaper: "The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have investigated the case of a soldier who was recently photographed with his housekeeper, to whom he was wearing his pack .

The soldier concerned was reported to his commander. He is a rookie in the preparatory stage of physical training, which precedes the phase of basic military training. The soldier regretted what he does and says, I was wrong to have acted in this way. He saw a therapist and continued training.

SAFs remind all members that they should watch their behavior in public. Colonel Desmond Tan, Director of External Relations, Ministry of Defence. "

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