Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ouattara is sworn in as president of Ivory Coast

Alassane Ouattara has had for the first time on Friday as president of the Ivory Coast after five months of crisis in the country's government. His predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo was arrested on 11 April. Ouattara, 69, has vowed to play his role as president to the president of the Constitutional Council, Paul Yao N'Dré, cabinet members, diplomats and representatives of the armed forces in the Palace of the Presidents.

"Before the people of Ivory Coast, solemnly swear on the honor of the Constitution, protect the rights and freedom of the people and fulfill my duties as president in the interest of the Nation," said Ouattara. "Let the people lose their trust in me if I betray my promise," he alleged. "It's the beginning of a new era of reconciliation and unity among all the sons and brothers of our dear Ivory Coast," he added.

The ceremony took place a day after the proclamation of Ouattara, by the Constitutional Council, as president.

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