Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Syrian regime continues to massacre and kill 21 protesters

Amán/Barcelona.- The Syrian regime has caused at least 21 people today to quell protests in Damascus and other cities. Security forces and police under the command of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not hesitate now, as have been doing over the past two months, to open fire to quell demonstrations have been called today Friday, a day of prayer in Arab and Muslim world.

In the city of Homs, north of Damascus, killing between five and ten people, while in Hama, also north of the capital, killed at least two, according Qurabi, head of the Syrian National Organization for Human Rights (ONSDH). Qurabi, located in Cairo, whose organization collects information through witnesses and other Syrian activists, explained that several people were injured in the city of Al Tel, near Damascus.

In this city and in the coastal Yablo heard shots from the end of the noon prayer, after which began the demonstrations. Despite the massive military deployment, thousands of Syrians defied the regime and took to the streets of many cities, including Damascus and Banias also following a notice of competition dubbed "Friday the challenge." In the capital, held a demonstration in the district of "Al Midan," during which he was arrested Syrian activist Riad Seif, president of major opposition group Damascus Declaration, calling for democratic reform in Syria and whose members have served imprisonment.

Since the beginning of the protests, in the middle of last March, have killed at least 565 civilians and over a hundred members of the army and security forces, not including the victims of today, the latest data from the Observatory Sirio for Human Rights. Two thousand people take to the streets against the regime About 2,000 residents Saqba suburb in Damascus, rallied Friday to demand the release of their detained by security forces in recent days, witnesses said.

"The people want the end of the regime," chanted the demonstrators. Some of them tried to reach the center of Damascus, about six miles away, but security forces have blocked roads Tordas the capital to the suburbs. For now, this Friday there have been protests and clashes in several districts of Damascus, Jama, Latakia, Deir al Zour, Salamieh, Banias, Tel, Homs, Deraa or the Kurdish city of Amuda.

Three tanks have taken up positions near the Barzeh district in Damascus, and tanks were also positioned in the third-largest city, Homs, reported the Qatari television network Al-Jazeera's images followed by La Vanguardia. com. Twitter reported by a witness, Ahed Al Hendi, to 'The Guardian', thousands of people have taken to the streets of this seaside town to demand the resignation of Bashar al-Assad.

Another witness, Wissam Tarif, has complained to the London newspaper that the troops are shooting with "real fire." Separately, security forces have fired live ammunition against hundreds of protesters and wounded several of them in Tel north of the capital, according to a witness. Dozens of Syrian demonstrators have also thrown into the streets Midan district in the capital after Friday prayers to call for the resignation of the president.

Witnesses said the protest was broken minutes later by members of security forces in civilian clothes. Also reported clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Dera, the emblematic city of the opposition in the south. Also, the television channel Al Jazeera showed pictures, taken by mobile phone, a mass demonstration in the coastal city of Banias.

Some neighbors have said the city is surrounded by tanks, especially in the southern access, fearing an invasion occur, "now that it has completed the Army's mission in Deraa. Since last May 1, Banias is divided between the south, controlled by the dissidents, and the north, held by the security forces and "thugs of the regime", according to Al Jazeera.

Moreover, thousands of Kurds are demonstrating in eastern Syria, where most of the members of this ethnic group to demand more political freedom within the national unity, as reported by a Kurdish source, as reported by the Europa Press news agency. The Syrian Interior Ministry had appealed on Thursday to citizens not to demonstrate without permission for the good of the country's stability and the "reform process" initiated by President Bashar al-Assad.

The government has declared this Friday "Martyrs Day" and the opposition "Challenge Day.

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