Saturday, May 7, 2011

No horse? Ride a cow

His parents refused to offer him a horse. Regina Mayer has fallen back on a calf, she has patiently trained for two years. Today, reports Spiegel, Luna trots, gallops, clears obstacles without flinching as he built the German girl. She regularly walks his rider. "She believes she is a horse," says the teenager.

In fact, Luna spent his time listening to the horses "but they do not seem interested." The cows, they, do not like this dissent, to whom they décochent a helping hoof from time to time. Regina had initially tried to make another calf, Lilly. Too stubborn. Luna has proved much more cooperative.

The young Bavarian began by taking him in the forest with a lanyard. After six months, she saddled her companion. The girl has received advice from an expert, Anna Wilftafsky. After studying philosophy and social sciences, this young woman began to speak in the ears of cows. His watchword? Softness.

Once a calf is born, she spent half an hour at his side, stroking and talking to him, once noted the Swiss daily Le Matin. "Everything is done gradually. First we sat on the animal lying to pet him or feed him, then it is pushed by a light jumper or a child. The final step is that the cow is done up without anyone to hold the loin.

"Pats, awards and game do wonders. Cows Anna Wilftafsky even know unrolling a red carpet.

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