Saturday, May 7, 2011

The allies want to give the rebels the blocked funds to Gaddafi

Tripoli. .- The Deputy Foreign Minister of Libya, Khaled Kaim, has warned that the U.S. intention to unlock frozen funds to the Libyan government to hand them the rebels would be an act of piracy. "Any use of frozen funds is like piracy on the seas. This is illegal and if we remain silent, I think we will end up living in a jungle," said Kaim to the international press.

In this sense he argued that the rebels "are not a legal entity, not a country" as a territory can only be divided by a referendum or a United Nations resolution, which in the case of Libya does not have occurred. This is the answer to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who yesterday announced that the U.S.

administration is preparing legislation to allow the 30,000 million (20,600 million euros) that the country has frozen the regime of Muammar Gaddafi may be delivered to the Libyan people, although it is unclear whether the rebels directly. In the same vein, Kaim has warned that the intention of the member countries of the Contact Group for Libya, which met Wednesday in Rome, to create a fund to finance the rebels could discourage other countries in the region to invest abroad, for fear that their assets are frozen and delivered to insurgent groups.

Moreover, the deputy was reported missing from a batch of 700 million dinars (403 million euros) Central Bank of Libya that were transferred in February, when riots broke out, to Benghazi for the payment of wages. "What have spent those millions?, How to arm the rebels or divided among the nine members of his Council?, Has been questioned.

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