Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bin Laden's death sparks protests against U.S.

Friday is the holy day for Muslims. This was the first since the death of Osama Bin Laden. Taking advantage of the concentration of the faithful in the mosques, extremist organizations have called for protests in the leading nations of the Islamic faith. Around 1,500 Pakistani manifest this Friday against the death of Osama Bin Laden.

They claim that many figures as he will to continue the holy war against America. Pakistan, a clear majority Muslim country, is undergoing the greatest reaction after the U.S. space forces kill Bin Laden on Monday near the capital of China. His death has angered Islamists with an important political weight in the country, asking the Pakistan government to stop supporting the U.S.

war against terrorism. "Jihad against America will not stop with the death of Osama," said Fazal Mohamed Baraich, a cleric who also shouted: "Down with America" during a demonstration near the city of Quetta, capital of southwestern province of Baluchistan. "Osama Bin Laden is a martyr.

The blood of Osama give birth to thousands of new Osama," he adds Baraich while others burned American flags. More protesters were expected after Friday prayers in Pakistan, after the influential Islamist party Jamaat-Islami-convene the massive protests against what they consider a violation of Pakistani territory.

Jamat-e-Islami and other Islamist organizations in the orbit tend to hold protests on Friday to defend their interpretation of Islam and often with an anti-American rhetoric, as in the case of the release of CIA contractor killed in late January Two Pakistanis in Lahore. Since the death of Bin Laden, have only been witnessed protests by hundreds of people in the western city of Quetta and the northern Abbottabad, where the farm was the leader of Al Qaeda that was raided by U.S.

command. Fridays are days in which the Taliban and insurgent groups regularly accused advantage to attack places of worship and congregations civilians. About 3000 salafistasse Islamists have declared on Friday in Cairo to denounce the death of the head of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden. Have been charged with a banner which contained a photo of the inscription Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden is the symbol of jihad.

" From the famous mosque of al-Nur, to the U.S. embassy, the protesters have launched proclamations for Bin Laden. The protesters also launched slogans such as "Obama, the terrorist is not Osama" or "Obama, Osama's blood has not run in vain." Also could hear phrases like "sacrifice our blood and our soul by Sheikh ', referring to Bin Laden.

In addition, anti-Semitic slogans were chanted. "Bin Laden's death does not affect Al Qaeda, as the death of the Prophet (Muhammad) did not put an end to Islam," said Abu Muawiya, a 37 year old protester. About 200 people gathered also in Istanbul against the United States. The demonstrators, gathered outside the mosque of Faith after Friday prayers, have shown signs reading "U.S.

terrorist mujahideen Osama." Responded to the call of Islamist newspaper "Milli Gazete" and the organization Özgür Der who provided photos showing U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women. "Do not forget the crimes of the United States and Israel," said a banner carried by demonstrators.

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