Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reach Lampedusa three boats with 565 immigrants from Africa

Three boats from North Africa with 565 illegal immigrants on board arrived this evening at the Italian island of Lampedusa, where in the last 24 hours have landed 831 immigrants, mostly, had left the coast of Libya. The last landing took place last Thursday night with the arrival of a barge with 65 immigrants on board, including a woman, and that the authorities believe came from Tunisia, as reported by Italian media.

Previously, land had reached two other boats from Libya, with 500 immigrants, among whom were some thirty women and children, all from sub-Saharan origin. These landings were added to those of the 266 immigrants who arrived in Lampedusa yesterday afternoon, of whom 216 were on board of a precarious boat had left Libya and the rest in a boat originated in Tunisia.

There are strong deviations from the 25,000 Tunisian immigrants to Italy has granted temporary residence permits and that France refuses to admit into its territory. Increased border controls for part of Paris and the will to reform the Schengen Treaty massive host hinder undocumented who are living Lampedusa.

Tra arrival this past night, the reception center of the Italian island, with capacity for 850 people, about 1,000 undocumented waiting to be transferred to other parts of Italy or returning directly, in the case of Tunisians.

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