Saturday, May 7, 2011

Defectors to power

Beyond the prestige that comes with office, to be undersecretary of state in Italy involves a number of privileges and perks: a juicy bonus of 3,112 euros per month (added to the monthly salary of 11,703 euros received by Members), official car, possible use of state aircraft, and assistant secretary in charge of public funds a bargain.

Well, yesterday named Silvio Berlusconi finger ten new secretaries of state (one of them, in fact, has been appointed personal adviser to the prime minister). What is surprising and interesting is that nine of the ten new appointments have gone to members until five months ago sat on the benches of the opposition and, suddenly, one day they changed their party as one who changed his shirt and move to the ranks of 'Il Cavaliere'.

But above all, thanks to the ten 'turncoats', Berlusconi won the Dec. 14 vote of no confidence to overcome that threatened to make him fall as prime minister. And, as denounced by the opposition, now charged with these ten individuals have been awarded would be in payment for services rendered.

The ten new appointments are all deputies belonging to the self-proclaimed 'group leaders', which integrates to 29 escapees in the last five months have gone to the bench of Berlusconi and the opposition has been renamed the' group available ', alluding to his alleged readiness to sell to the highest bidder.

Among the ten new appointments we for example Bruno Cesario, brand new Secretary of State for Economic, who a year ago he slammed the Democratic Party (the main formation of the Italian center-left and the party they had been elected in 2008 ) and that the famous 14 December marras voted for Berlusconi in the motion of censure.

And what about Aurelio Misiti, until four days a deputy to the Italy of Values, the game more aggressively antiberlusconiano of Parliament: for there you have, become secretary of agriculture after changing jacket and vote for Berlusconi in mandatory no-confidence motion. The same can be said Riccardo Villari, the new Secretary of Cultural Property left after the PD and voted in favor of 'Il Cavaliere' in the blissful confidence motion.

Although the bulk of the new appointments, four in total, correspond to deputies who had followed Gianfranco Fini when he decided to break a few months ago Silvio Berlusconi and form their own parliamentary group. "More than a redesign of government, these appointments represent political and institutional corruption," complains Antonio Di Pietro, leader of the Italy of Values.

And Berlusconi has warned that soon appoint another ten Secretaries of State

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