Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two dead and six trapped trapped in a mine in southern Poland

A gas explosion in a coal mine in southern Poland on Friday has killed two miners and six others, four miners and two rescuers are trapped inside, according to the head of the center. The methane explosion caused a fire in the mine Krupinski, belonging to the largest mining company in Europe, JSW, near Pszczyna in the region of Silesia.

The accident occurred 900 meters deep in a gallery in which 32 miners were working. In early attempts managed to evacuate most, although it lost contact with two rescue workers and four workers, who were trapped in the mine by a subsequent explosion. "We just voice resume contact with the four and the two trapped miners rescued, but do not know what state they are," said Jaroslaw Zagorowski, head of the mine.

"Conditions at the bottom are extremely hostile, with a high temperature of 45 degrees," said the spokesman of the facilities, Katarzyna Jablonska.

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