Saturday, May 7, 2011

Internet - Europe, Facebook, tug of war on privacy

"Leaving Facebook? It is the Kafkaesque nightmare!" Exclaimed Sean McTiernan, Dublin journalist of some twenty years trying to get out of the famous social network, has discovered how Facebook does not want to see him go . It is rare for a young person today not to succumb to the appeal of Facebook, let alone when he worked in an area where social media has become so dominant.

But now, McTiernan had simply had enough of "hyper-sharing" with friends online. He knew he would not be easy to get out (and what was to happen to her social life?) But he decided to go ahead and break the chains of the virtual community. "Ultimately, he says, I finally found a program to delete one by one, all comments, all photos and all the entries that I could upload.

It was not yet certain to have completely disappeared from the network. "So I reactivated my profile and I left it blank: no photo, no post, no friends. I felt [...] read more on Presseurop. Eu

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