Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meets the Syrian opposition in Turkey to agree its position

A hotel in Antalya, a resort town on the southern coast of Turkey hosts from Wednesday to Friday at numerous figures of the Syrian opposition. The forecasts were talking about 200 people: human rights defenders, businessmen, writers, activists ... It also involves members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, the most radical force of the opposition and hopelessly estranged from the regime of the Assad family since the current president's father, Hafez Assad, drowned in blood the uprising of 1982.

'Syrian Conference for Change' is the title of the meeting, organized by the National Organization for Human Rights, an organization based in Egypt and Syria led by Ammar Qurabi. It is, first, to denounce the abuses of the Syrian government against activists and ask for more international pressure.

Initially there is no provision in Antalya form a kind of 'government in exile. " Khalaf Ali Khalaf, one of the organizers, told the Zaman Turkish newspaper that the activists are not intended to form a Transitional Council as created by the rebels in Benghazi, Libyan and was soon recognized by many governments as the legitimate government.

"It's premature for that," he said. Khalaf promised not just to gather the exiles but also that the Conference will provide the opposition that continues to work in Syria. One of their representatives, Walid Bunni, who lives in hiding, told Zaman: "Any conference that brings together the opposition is positive" but warned that the creation of a Transitional Council would be "a death sentence" for anyone involved in this network from within Syria, as himself.

Others are more critical. The reporter Louay Hussein, and harassed by Syrian police in March, told Zaman that the conference could serve as the Syrian regime to portray all opposition as directed by foreign powers. An example not forgotten is the Iraqi National Congress, founded by the opposition and businessman Ahmed Chalaby in 1992 and used by the U.S.

to legitimize its intervention in Iraq. Chalaby the disastrous regime after the fall of Saddam Hussein has created distrust of such movements. Turkey does not officially endorse the Antalya conference and is not intended that the authorities involved, as it did in a recent meeting held in Istanbul Libyan tribes.

Ankara continues to call for democratization measures to Damascus but he did not get directly involved in this initiative from the opposition.

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