Wednesday, June 1, 2011

France calls on the Syrian Government a change of direction more clear and ambitious

The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, called today the Syrian regime, after the decree on Tuesday for a general amnesty, to initiate a "change of course much more clear, ambitious and bold." "There have been at least a thousand dead, maybe more. It will be necessary for the change of direction from the Syrian authorities to be much clearer, more ambitious and bolder than a simple amnesty, Gallo said the station manager France Culture.

The general amnesty decreed yesterday by President Bashar al-Assad, including political prisoners, is, according to Syrian media, the forgiveness of half the sentence, provided there is no complaint by an individual. The minister also regretted that the Security Council United Nations the international community has not been able to agree to condemn the Syrian regime and institute appropriate sanctions.

"It was not because of the weakness of the Western European Union or the U.S., but because of the veto by Russia, which for historical reasons referred to the Assad regime with a look different from ours," he concluded Juppe.

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