Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Four employees arrested for 'torture' in a British private hospital

London .- Police in Bristol have arrested four employees of a private British hospital for alleged "torture" to patients following a BBC investigation. Castlebeck, which owns the hospital Winerbourne View, who treats individuals with autism and learning disabilities, has been forced to apologize publicly and fired thirteen members of staff.

A team of the research program "Panorama" secretly filmed for five weeks, the treatment received by some of the most vulnerable patients in the center. In the video you can see how some of them are slapped, forcibly taken to the shower fully clothed and harassed repeatedly. Andrew McDonnell, a clinical psychologist who was shown the film, told the BBC his horror and said that the abuse amounted to "torture." The abused patient, a girl of eighteen, was insulted, pushed her by the hair, kicked him and threw cold water over while dressed as a punishment.

Treatment as they prevailed in the late sixties and is what made the United States closed gradually large hospitals where patients spend years, reported Professor Jim Mansell, University of Kent, advises the Government on issues related to the treatment of vulnerable people. A veteran nurse told the BBC: "I've seen a lot in thirty-five years, but this surpasses it all.

They are sons, daughters, people who have families ... and they do not know what goes on inside. "The hospital charges reported to the public treasury 3,500 pounds (over 4,000 euros) per patient per week and the owner has an annual turnover of 90 million pounds (104 million euros .)

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