Wednesday, June 1, 2011

At least seven protesters killed by police gunfire in the city of Taiz

At least seven protesters were killed on Tuesday in the Yemeni city of Taiz shot by police and military to dissolve a political protest, opposition sources said. The police and Republican Guard military fired on hundreds of people involved in the protest in Gamar Abdel Naser Street and other adjacent places.

The protest in Taiz, the main industrial center in southern Yemen, wanted to press for the resignation of the president Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose output power is asking the opposition since late January. Coinciding with the crackdown, a car exploded on Tuesday to pass a military convoy near Zinjibar, a city south of Yemen controlled by suspected militants of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

The information has been confirmed by an official of the security services, which required that the attack was a suicide bombing. At least six soldiers were killed in the blast and 19 others were injured. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said Tuesday that more than 50 people have died since Sunday in the Yemeni city of Taiz shot of the army, security forces and "pro-government elements ".

Pillay said that according to information received by his office, said forces destroyed violently protest camp in the plaza Horriya, using water cannons, bulldozers and ammunition. Besides fifty dead, adding that several hundred more demonstrators were injured. In a statement, Pillay condemned the increasing use of force against protesters and said that security forces have occupied the hospital in Taiz Al Safa, and that the hospital Horriya Square was burned, so only no access to medical attention.

"The government is obliged to allow humanitarian access to those in need. The medical and health facilities should never be targeted by security forces," he said. Pillay also reported that the Government is carrying out arbitrary arrests and illegal "for exercising the rights of assembly and expression." He said the situation in Yemen's capital, Sana, it remains difficult and that the security forces continue using force to disperse the demonstrators.

Pillay said he had also received information on the southern coastal city of Zinjibar, where dozens of Yemeni soldiers have died in clashes with armed groups in the past two days. He expressed concern at reports of "numerous civilian casualties, including children, as well as the displacement that is occurring in the population of that city.

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