Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lula returned to Cuba as a former president for a working meeting with Raul Castro

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is back in Cuba. Almost half a year after leaving the Planalto Palace, the former Brazilian trade union leader landed Tuesday in Havana to begin a two-day visit that barely differ from those used to do as head of state. The former president will maintain a "working meeting" with Cuban President Raul Castro, and will travel to "places of economic interest" as advanced in a brief note, the official newspaper "Granma." Lula arrived early afternoon at Jose Marti International Airport, where he hoped the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

The charter flight coming from Bahamas, third leg of an international tour that earlier passed by Nicaragua and Panama and will continue later this week in Venezuela. According to the regime's official newspaper, former Brazilian president will participate in a meeting with Castro's younger brother, who turns 80 Friday.

Instead, the air is still the possibility of a face to face with Fidel, 84, away from the government since 2006 due to illness. In the economic section of the visit, Lula intends to monitor the works to expand and modernize the port of Mariel, Brazil financed through a loan of at least $ 150 million awarded during his tenure.

The facility, located about 50 miles west of Havana, aspiring to become the largest capacity in the Caribbean country. On Thursday morning, the 'father' Dilma Rousseff political will head to Caracas to be with another close ally of Castro, Hugo Chavez. Chavez himself will return the visit to Brazil on Monday, after having stopped for three weeks with a knee injury.

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